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Hello/How are you

Mado wo akete, chisaku tsubuyaita
How are you
Daremo inai, heya de hitori
Asa ga kita yo, doshaburi no asa ga
Tic tac
Watashi no neji wo, dareka maite

Mukashi no anime ni sonna no ittakena
How are you
Urayamashii na, minna ni aisarete
Baka na koto itte naide shitaku wo shinakucha
Namida no ato wo kakusu tame

Mou kuchiguse ni natta "Maa ikka"
Kinou no kotoba ga futo atama wo yogiru
"Mou kimi niwa zenzen kitai shitenai kara"
Sorya maa watashi datte
Jibun ni kitai nado shitenai keredo
Are wa ittai douiu tsumori desu ka

Nodomoto made de kakatta kotoba
Kuchi wo tsuite deta no wa uso
Koushite kyou mo watashi wa kichou na
Kotoba wo rouhi shite ikite yuku

Naze kakushite shimau no desu ka
Warawareru no ga kowai no desu ka
Darenimo aitakunai no desu ka
Sore honto desu ka
Aimai toiu na no umi ni oborete
Iki mo dekinai hodo kurushii no
Sukoshi koe ga kikitaku narimashita
Honto ni yowai na

Ikkouni susumanai shitaku no tochuu
Mourou toshita atama de omou
"Mou riyuu wo tsukete yasunde shimaou ka na"
Iyaiya wakatte masutte
Nantonaku itte mita dake da yo
Wakatteru kara okoranai de yo

Shiawase darou to, fushiawase darou to
Byoudou ni, zankoku ni, asahi wa noboru
Ikitte iku dake de seiippa no watashi ni
Kore ijyou nani wo nozomu toiu no

Naze kinishite shimau no desu ka
Honto wa aisaretai no desu ka
Sono te wo hanashita no wa dare desu ka
Kigatsuite masu ka
Jinsei ni timecard ga aru nara
Owari no jikan wa itsu nandarou
Watashi ga ikita bun no kyuuryou wa
Dare ga haroun desu ka

Thank you
Arigatou tte iitai no
Thank you
Arigatou tte iitai yo
Thank you
Ichidodake demo ii kara
Kokoro no soko kara oo naki shina kara
Arigatou tte iitai no

Naze kakushite shimau no desu ka
Honto wa kiite hoshii no desu ka
Zettaini warattari shinai kara
Hanashite mimasen ka
Kuchi wo hikanakereba wakaranai
Omotteru dake de wa tsutawaranai
Nante mendokusai ikimono deshou
Ningen toiu no wa

Hello, how are you
Anata ni, hello, how are you

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Meme time~ ^^

For Day 04:

Your favorite book

So, I recently started reading Rick Riordan's The Red Pyramid and I'm liking it so far... I did enjoy his Percy Jackson books... ^^ Anyway, that's not the book that I'm referring to for this meme... ^^;; It is this:

This is the first Narnia book that I ever read... It's about a talking horse (he's a horse from Narnia... ^^;;) who escapes his human master with a boy in order to return to Narnia... Along the way, they meet a girl and another talking horse who are also trying to escape... They travel together and encounter adventure along the way... They see Aslan and eventually make their way to Narnia...

Bah! I'm really out of it... I can't seem to write anything useful... *sobs*

The remaining days are as follows: )
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Meme time~ ^^

For Day 03:

Your favorite television program

I found this one difficult, since it's been a long time since I actually followed any TV programs... >< So for this, I'm gonna go with an anime that I just recently finished:

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood... ^^ The manga also just recently ended, although I haven't read it... This is the only anime that I followed faithfully every week (@ Animax), and like I said, it just recently ended... :( I liked this better than the first series... I also liked Ed's character here better... ^^ I don't want to give anything away, so I won't go with the story anymore... Anyway, I'm both happy and sad that this has come to an end... But yeah, closure and stuff... ^___^

Meh, I can't seem to write anything useful, so I'm gonna end it here... >< Hopefully, I can write something better for tomorrow's meme... ^^

The remining days are as follows: )
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おはよう。。。 Moving on with the meme... ^^

For Day 02:

Your favorite movie

I didn't have to think twice about this one... I knew exactly what I was going to put here, and it'll have to be this:

Yes, I know it's an old movie, but I love the the Back to the Future trilogy, and the first one will always be my favorite... ^^ The second one was more confusing, with going back and forth from 1985 to 2015, then back to '85, then back to '55... O__O The third one was about the Wild West... ^^;; The first one was simpler and yeah, a great introduction to the consequences that might happen when tampering with time... ^^

I love the idea of time travel, in a DeLorean, no less, with plutonium as your energy source... How neat is that? LOLOL! If you're not familiar with the story, Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox), who lives in 1985, time travelled back to 1955 after witnessing the murder of Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) by Libyan terrorists... While there, he somehow managed to mess up his future by accidentally meeting up with his mom (Leah Thompson) and getting her to fall in love with him, instead of his dad (Crispin Glover)... Now he needs the help of the Doc Brown from 1955 to sort out this mess and eventually get him back home to his right time...

I have a lot of favorite moments in that movie, like the Darth Vader scene with Marty and his dad (LOLOL!), the Johnny B. Goode performance, etc... There's also a running gag with Biff and manure that runs through all 3 movies... I dunno, my brother and I always find that hilarious... LOLOL!

All in all, it's a fun movie... It was a good way to bring science in a movie, without it being a total bore... ^____^ Now this makes me want to watch it again... ^^;;

The remaining days are as follows: )

Hmmm, 2nd day done! I'm going to have to think hard about the next days... T__T And I dunno if I want to be putting up a photo of myself (10 years ago or the present)... LOLOL! Anyways, that's still a ways off so... ^^;;
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So, I haven't updated this since, ummm, January? What?! >< Then again, I haven't got anything to write... ^^;; I rant about work and life so often enough to my friends already, so meh... LOLOL!

Anyway, I saw this 30-day meme from [personal profile] fascinates and thought I should give it a try...

For Day 01:

Your favorite song

I'm not familiar with most Western songs nowadays (/shot), so I'm going to have to pick a Jpop song... And it would have to be this: Deai no Chikara by AAA... ^^ I've been in love with this song ever since I heard it a few years back, it's still a favorite of mine, and is a constant in my playlists...Even though this is not the first song of theirs that I've heard (that would be Get Chu! or Kuchibiru Kara Romantica... Or was it That's Right!? Geh, I can't remember... >< Anyway... T_T), I was immediately drawn to it... As you might have guessed, this is a love song, sung by Nissy and Misako... Basically, it's about falling in love, and about how powerful one encounter can be... ^^ AAA is better known for their upbeat and dance songs (at least I think so), so a change in pace and genre is nice to hear... Oh, this happens to be an old song though, from their first album, Attack... They also sung 2 more versions of Deai no Chikara, but so far, this is still my all-time fave... ^^

And there goes Day 01... ^^ 29 more days to go~ Let's keep this up~ ^^v

The remaining days are as follows: )
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Here's to a year filled with peace, love, happiness, and prosperity... From me to you... Kampai!! ^^v

あけましておめでとうございます!! m(_ _)m

And now, bedtime... G'night!
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... here in DW... ^^ I still don't know what to put in here though... O_O I have way too many blogs already... (Ok, so this is my 3rd one... I count that as "too many") LOLOL! I hope to put something substantial here, whatever substantial means...

Anyway, よろしくおねがいします! ^^vv


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